About No Boundaries LLC:


Founded in 1998, No Boundaries LLC is an organization whose purpose is to bring American-based music professors and high-level performers to developing countries. Originally, No Boundaries began with the idea of bringing music education and live performance to Mozambique. Now, it has grown to become a cultural exchange between American-based professors and local artists and students in countries like Mozambique, Cape Town, and Morocco.

Music can often be the vehicle for the children to stay active and safe, when no other activities are available for them. No Boundaries Music is aware of this issue and intends to encourage musicians to follow their dreams, and work on their craft.

The pedagogical team is engaged in giving support in music education while connecting with international established music scenes and markets. The first trip for No Boundaries was completed in 2007 by Berklee professor, Winnie Dahlgren and Mozambique artist, Stewart Sukuma. The trip included concerts, workshops, clinics, master classes, and auditions for Berklee College of Music.